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Asunto: 	[lacnog] Advance notice - H-root address change on December 1,
Fecha: 	Mon, 16 Nov 2015 14:15:54 +0000
De: 	Kash, Howard M CIV USARMY RDECOM ARL (US) <howard.m.kash.civ en mail.mil>
Responder a: 	Latin America and Caribbean Region Network Operators Group
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This is advance notice that there is a scheduled change to the IP addresses
for one of the authorities listed for the DNS root zone and the .ARPA TLD.
The change is to H.ROOT-SERVERS.NET, which is administered by the U.S. Army
Research Laboratory.
The new IPv4 address for this authority is

The new IPv6 address for the authority is 2001:500:1::53.
This change is anticipated to be implemented in the root zone on 1 December
2015, however the new addresses are operational now. They will replace the
previous IP addresses of and 2001:500:1::803f:235 (also
previously known as AOS.BRL.MIL and AOS.ARL.ARMY.MIL).
We encourage operators of DNS infrastructure to update any references to the
old IP addresses and replace them with the new addresses. In particular,
many DNS resolvers have a DNS root "hints" file. This should be updated with
the new IP addresses.
New hints files will be available at the following URLs once the change has
been formally executed on December 1:


The old IPv4 address will continue to work for six months after the
transition (until 1 June 2016), at which point it will be retired from
service.  The address will remain under the control of the Army Research
Laboratory, never to be used again for DNS service.  The old IPv6 address
will continue to work indefinitely, but may ultimately be retired from

Simultaneous to the retirement of the old address on June 1, 2016, the
ASN for H-root will change from 13 to 1508.

You can monitor the transition of queries to the new addresses at the
following URL:


Howard Kash
U.S. Army Research Laboratory

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